Share a Coke ID

Microsite with personalized mock-up system and database integration

Coca cola klikindomaret by Grab Essentials

KlikIndomaret and Coca Cola launched a promotion in which customers can have a personalized can with their name on it.

Microsite Design & System Development

Grab a coke with your name on it!

Grab Essentials is briefed to create a microsite that boosts Indomaret x Coca-cola collaboration in creating personalized can with customers’ name on it
Coca cola Microsite by Grab Essentials


Grab Essentials push the concept further by adding a preview image of the can with customers name on the can after they redeem their coupon which in turn creates more hype for the campaign in which then boost the promotion to a success. With our custom CMS (Content Management System), KlikIndomaret able to gain database and smooth flow between microsite database system to their main system for e-coupon redemption process.
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