The Website You Proposed is too Simple!

The Website You Proposed is too Simple!
August 28, 2017 grabessentials

The website you proposed is too simple! Why do you charge us that high?

It is understandable that people will appreciate intricate more than something simple.

But in designing websites we believe that intricate designs have their own place in a very niche category, but if you prefer to have a website where people can get faster information and have a great experience browsing it through rather than just enjoying pretty designs then you need to really re-think your approach.

Simple ≠ Easy!

If your website design agency gave you a really simple design, ask them why they came out with those layouts, what is the thinking behind the designs rather than judge them on the first preview. (Notes: not all designer knows why they design it like it is and some of them think that the client simply won’t care about the thinking behind the design).

There’s actually a lot of thinking and hours of brainstorming to create that first homepage draft. Our mission is to make the design as engaging as we can so people will stay longer but not too cluttered to make it hard for visitors to get information from your website.

We’ve learned from previous experiences in designing lots of websites that people do not like to navigate too much unless there’s a reason to. The solution is to put more information on the landing page so you can send your message across. The challenge is how to make it beautiful.  It’s not that easy as it seems anymore right?

This is what we called User Experience (UX)

So how do I get a great user experience? …

I will explain this on the next blog, it’s getting too long 🙂

Written by Tommy Fabianus. The writer is the managing partner of Grab Essentials Indonesia, Digital Agency Jakarta, Indonesia.

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