4 Essential Tips Improving Your Web Design

4 Essential Tips Improving Your Web Design
December 11, 2017 grabessentials
Website Design

Basically, a website needs to have a design that feeds into the website’s user experience, functionality and appropriately complements its content.

Visitors to your site might not be too impressed with a design that is unprofessional-looking, so it is essentials to follow some tips that will drastically improve your website design.

Strategic Plan

strategic planning

Before starting your design, you must think about what pages will view and what you can offer to the audience through your website. Effective web design needs to crafting an interface that communicates function. That is why you need to map out your strategy. Whatever that function is, your design must focus on fulfilling it.

Ensure Convenient Navigation

web navigation responsive design

It’s essentially when designing a website, know that navigation is the key to making a user-friendly website. When improving your website’s navigation, it’s important to ensure that your visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for.

You just need to make simple navigation which is you must know about some things out such as lean navigation bar, strict hierarchy, and responsive design for mobile users. Ensure that convenient navigation can help users find what they’re looking for.

Identify The Broken Links

error broken link

There are some pages when you try browsing that are difficult to access. You must be attention to identify the broken links or unknown sites on your website. Broken links on your website don’t give the best impression.

To get high-performing landing pages, actually, you must identify the broken links so you don’t be surprised by the website pages that are improperly linked.

Use High-Quality Images

image high quality

The images that you use must be good for conveying the messages to your audience. Always choose high-quality images that are unique and represent the business perfectly.

Basically, the images should help you to open up the ideas mentioned in your texts and provide additional information. Making sure that the images match what your business content is explaining.

Web design involves a whole collection of different skills. You must think strategically. Therefore, you need an agency that can do all. Grab Essentials is Web Agency Jakarta with core service a creative content on web design and helps to build your brand through digital channels.

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