Mister Lie

Social Media Strategy & Management


Upon opening its new outlet,
Mister Lie asked us to rebrand not just their logo but their digital pressence.

Social Media Strategy & Management
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The Asian Cuisine


With helps from food stylist, we’ve re-created and photograph all of Mister Lie’s menu.
The photograph is used for both marketing collaterals and social media.
We’ve created videos, designs and photographs for their social media.

Digital Campaign Strategy

Grab Essentials were briefed to create a viral strategy to boost visitors number to their new outlet.
We started with giveaways and photo competitions to increase engagement.
And then we came up with a solution to giveaway all foods for free for 3 days in a row.
This campaign resulted in great traction in terms of visitors to the outlet and also in social media. Within 2 weeks we were able to get 1000 followers.

Followers in two weeks